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Use these examples to generate or strengthen Profitable and Valuable Ideas

Profitable and Valuable Ideas save time, reduce costs, or generate revenue. Choose a strong action verb to capture the heart of the problem of an Idea and make its business value stand out.

Save Time
  1. Eliminate: Stop doing tasks that aren't needed.

  2. Redesign: Rethink and improve a process to boost efficiency.

  3. Shift: Move tasks to less expensive resources.

  4. Train: Help workers up-skill for greater efficiency and impact.

  5. Automate: Offload tasks that are manual and repetitive.

  6. Relocate: Move tasks to labor markets that are better/cheaper/faster.

  7. Outsource: Move tasks to more efficient providers.

Reduce Costs Unit Costs
  1. Consolidate: Bundle purchases with fewer vendors for a bulk discount.

  2. Negotiate: Find better prices and terms with the same vendor.

  3. Substitute: Find alternatives that are better/cheaper/faster.

  4. Insource: Create competitive advantage by doing it better ourselves.

  1. Rightsize: Upscale or downscale contracts to better fit the need.

  2. Reuse: Recycle, repurpose, or sell materials that were previously thrown away.

  3. Regulate: Increase or decrease controls to allow more efficient spending.

Pricing and Discounting
  1. Collect: Call for fees, payments, or debts, sooner.

  2. Discontinue: Stop waivers and discounts.

  3. Incentivize: Reward profitable behavior.

  4. Unbundle: Split out products and services.

  5. Monetize: Start charging for what was free.

  6. Align: Increase prices to match value.

Tactical Growth (Sales)
  1. Up-sell: Sell more products or services to existing customers.

  2. Market: Increase or improve marketing.

  3. Sell: Add reps or improve tools.

  4. Discount: Grow volume by decreasing cost.

  5. Improve: Increase quality of services and features.

  6. Penetrate: Enter adjacent markets.

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