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Guidance and tips for Idea Leaders

Congrats on advancing to the AGREE phase! 

Your goal is to give Decision Makers everything they need to approve the Idea for implementation.

Here is how to Facilitate an Agreement:

1. Refine the business case Draft

  • Add Value Items and/or Stakeholders as requested by Decision Makers.

  • Address Requested Changes and other comments from Stakeholders.

  • Consult with your boss or sponsor for guidance on troubleshooting any issues.

2. Confirm validation and completion of all Value Items.

Make it easy for Idea Team Members to see that their input has been implemented.

  • Follow up with Validators to ensure that all Value Items have been validated and documentation uploaded as relevant.

  • As Stakeholder requests are addressed, mark the Completed column.

  • Respond to all Stakeholder comments in the Notes section.

  • Follow up via regular channels if needed to address open items.

3. Submit the Idea to Decision Makers for approval.

  • In some cases, Decision Makers will respond to the business case on the Agreements tab.

  • Alternatively, you may gather their feedback in a real-time conversation or in a steering committee review meeting.

  • Open the Agreements tab to see responses from Decision Makers or to enter responses on their behalf.

    • Agreed = the idea is approved for implementation

    • Reject = the Idea is not approved for implementation

  • If any Decision Makers choose Reject, consult with your boss or sponsor regarding how to proceed. Often, further discussion with the Decision Maker will resolve their concerns.

  • Expect big or complex Ideas to require several rounds of iteration with Stakeholders.

  • Encourage Stakeholders to recommend additional Validators if needed to boost the credibility of the business case.

  • Enlist your boss or sponsor to help resolve any concerns from Stakeholders or Decision Makers.