How to champion a valuable improvement Idea?

As an Idea Leader, your goal is to win interest, support, and buy-in from the people in your organization who can make or break your success.

AGREED gives you a streamlined path to bring others on board, inviting the right input from the right people at the right time.

Use this roadmap to access quick guidance:

Start on 1. Pitch your Idea - If you are an independent Idea Leader or someone who has the Idea and/or wants to create it.                                         

Start on 2. Draft the Business Case - If you are invited by your organization to lead an Idea that has already been pitched.

1. Pitch your Idea

Step 1: Launch the Pitch Builder to phrase your Idea as a value proposition.

Step 2: Share the pitch with your boss to gauge interest and get input.

Step 2

2. Draft the Business Case
Step 1: Briefly describe the underlying problem and the Idea Approach. 
Step 2: Outline the costs and benefits of implementing the Idea.
Step 3: Invite Team Members to collaborate on the Business Case.

Step 3

3. Facilitate Agreement

Step 1: Refine the Business Case with input from the Idea Team.
Step 2: Confirm validation and completion of the Business Case.
Step 3: Submit the developed Idea to Decision-Makers for approval.

What's in it for you

Why take the time and effort to lead the development of an Improvement Idea? This is your opportunity to:

  • Get visibility with senior leaders

  • Refine skills critical to landing your next position

  • Practice building consensus and alignment

  • Build new business acumen

  • Be the change you want to see in your company