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PITCH Phase - Decision Making

As a Decision Maker for an Improvement Idea, you ensure that the right bases are covered in the business case, and determine whether to approve the Idea for implementation.  

AGREED streamlines your path to make decisions based on verified numbers and documented Stakeholder input.   

PITCH Phase - Review the pitched Idea details and its estimations to identify any gaps in its potential. 

On the AGREED My Ideas page 

Step 1: Select the Idea tile to open the Idea Workspace

In the Overview tab

Step 1: Review the Idea Description at the top of the page along with Estimated/Calculated Value and Estimated/Calculated Risk

Step 2: Review the Problem (context) and Approach section as noted by the Idea Leader.

Step 3: Review the estimated/calculated personnel/non-personnel/ revenues expenses.

In the Value tab

Step 1: Review the list of Value Items as outlined by the Idea Leader.

  • Toggle the sub-tabs to review and open lists of Value Items in three categories: personnel/non-personnel/revenues. 

  • If desired, select the gray dots at the end of each row to see any notes and documentation provided by the Validator.

In the Risk tab 

Step 1: Review the Stakeholder's risk ratings and comments.

  • Consider if additional individuals should be invited as Stakeholders.

  • If desired, select the gray dots at the end of each row to see any additional details and input from the Stakeholder.  

In the Agreements tab

You will see yourself listed as a Decision Maker.

Step 1: Select the circle in the column titled PITCH in the row with your name.

  • Select Agreed if all necessary Value Items and Stakeholders are included in the current draft of the business case.

  • Select Revise if additional Value Items and/or Stakeholders need to be included in the business case.

  • Select Reject if the Idea does not merit further development at this stage.

If you select Revise or Reject:

  • Select the gray dots at the end of the row with your name to enter additional notes and comments.

  • In the PITCH section, enter comments describing the revisions needed, or your reasons for rejecting the Idea.

  • Attach documents to add context if desired.

The Idea Leader will notify you when the Idea is ready for an approval decision.