Questions to identify and spark a Valuable Idea
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Use these question prompts to bring potential improvements to the surface

Does a Valuable Idea have these characteristics: 

  • A specific action or change 

  • Within the company's control 

  • Has a quantifiable financial impact  

  • Rewards outweigh risks 

  • Either innovative or inventive in its execution  

One way to spark Valuable Ideas is to identify a problem, frustration, or challenge: 

  • What problem does your Valuable Idea solve?  

  • What is the root cause of the problem? Where does it originate? 

  • What might change at the point of origin that would result in a better outcome? 

You can also spark Valuable Ideas with questions like these:  

  • What keeps you from getting more or better work done? 

  • Where do you see wasted effort? 

  • What would make your job easier or less repetitive? 

  • What would save you time? 

  • How could your time be more profitable for the company? 

  • What would save the company money? 

  • Where do you see wasted expenses? 

  • What would increase sales? 


  • Talking with coworkers about common or costly frustrations can help you focus on a valuable and profitable Idea. 

  • Valuable and profitable Ideas often take time and iteration to get right. If your initial Idea doesn't seem like a winner, don't dismiss it - keep looking into possibilities. 

  • Almost any Idea has a quantifiable financial impact. If you have a compelling Idea but can't see where the money is, others can help you define the numbers. 

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