Use these pointers to guide your initial Risk Rating

How much effort will it take to implement your Valuable Idea? Right now, you just need a gut-level guess.

Skim the criteria below and pick the Risk level that best fits your Idea:

Low Risk
  1. This Idea will be simple and easy to implement.

  2. Employees and customers will get on board quickly.

  3. Stakeholders* will be comfortable and welcome it.

Medium Risk
  1. This Idea will be challenging to implement.

  2. Some employees and customers will resist this Idea at first.

  3. Stakeholders* will need light persuasion and/or modest accommodations.

High Risk
  1. This Idea will be complex and difficult to implement.

  2. Most people will resist this Idea and it will be a difficult change.

  3. Stakeholders* will need heavy negotiation and/or complex accommodations.

*Stakeholders are people who control resources and information around your Idea. They have the ability to hinder or halt implementation.

Why it matters?

Smart decisions are made by weighing risk and reward. Giving your Idea a Risk Rating will:

  • Help you anticipate how your Idea will land in the "real world".

  • Add credibility to your Idea Pitch.

  • Help you and others prioritize improvement Ideas.