Who can help you get the real numbers?

Think of the Validator as an analyst who helps you track down the most accurate numbers. The Validator will convert your guesses into evidence-based projections.

Anyone in your organization could potentially be a Validator.

  • Who is closest to the details?

  • Who is responsible for the data (for example: financial reporting or performance metrics) for this part of your Idea?

  • Who might be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for this part of the Idea?

  • A procurement manager will validate the cost for takeout packaging materials.

  • A facilities director will validate the cost for cleaning contractors.

  • A human resources assistant will validate the expense of hiring front-end supervisors.

  • When sending an invitation, enter the name or company email address of the individual, NOT their title or position.

  • Consult with your Idea Team to determine the best individuals to invite as validators.

  • If you do not know the individual personally, it may be helpful to introduce yourself and the Idea before sending the invitation.