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How to identify whether an Idea is Valuable or not?

There are many types of ideas. While coming up with an idea takes a moment, for a company it takes years to build, which leads to many ideas being easily dismissed, mainly because of the high level of risk and uncertainty. 

The only ideas that have a real shot at success, and take off, are Valuable Ideas.   

Valuable Idea is:  

  • A specific action or change 

  • Within the company's control 

  • With measurable financial impact 

The financial impact of a Valuable Idea might include:  

  • Increasing efficiency 

  • Reducing expenses 

  • Boosting revenue 

In addition, Valuable Ideas: 

  • Are about finding solutions, not making complaints 

  • Benefit the team/department/organization, not just an individual  

  • Have rewards that outweigh risks 

See Questions to identify and spark a Valuable Idea to save time and effort on the real Valuable Ideas.